Youth Soccer Coaching Training: How To Build Teamwork

November 8, 2009


Youth Soccer Coaching Drills

Youth soccer coaching and teaching youth soccer training drills is a challenging task when it comes to kindle that feeling of team spirit. Building teamwork is one of the critical elements to teach youth soccer with success. Soccer is a team sport and the only way to really make it work is to cultivate a sense of team spirit among the players.

If you have a few talented players who are only interested in making a name for themselves, then that’s all you’re going to have- a few selfish players and nothing else. When this happens, these teams tend to have bad results.

Important soccer coaching tip: The definition of teamwork starts when each player understands that he is part of a team. Every player contributes to the all team and that feeling must be present at all time. You must praise the all team and not just a few favorite players. Also make sure that you blame everybody when things go wrong and not just an individual mistake. Your players must learn to face mistakes and errors as a team. When player A makes a mistake – this is a mistake of the team, not that particular player. No single player should be blamed- everyone should understand what went wrong and what needs to be fixed.

All players are different and have different personalities. It’s important that you get everybody involved to develop team work. You can start by designing drills that helps to bring all players together. Also explain your players that when everybody is pushing for the same side the results will be better and they’ll win more games.

Be alert for those bad apples that will try to break the harmony of the team. You can’t allow some players to make their own rules. Make sure you deal with this right away and don’t let it spread like a virus. Let your players know that they can talk to you at any time if they have problems. Communication goes a long way in building a sense of team spirit.

Keep the motivational levels of your team high by letting them create some kind of winning dance or song that they can perform before games. Having team badges or shirts is another great way to kindle the spirit of belonging among your players. You’ll feel that they’re proud of it if you see them wearing their team badge or shirt everywhere they go.

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