A Golfers Guide To Equipment and Clubs

August 17, 2009



A Golfers Guide To Equipment and Clubs

Golfing has been around for as long as anyone can remember, it appeared as far back as 1350 and was played at St Andrews. It then become popular by the 1600s with the term golf being known by everyone. When it first appeared back in 1350 it was forbidden by the king in the early 1400s as it was considered to distract young men from there archery and church.

Now golf is enjoyed and played by everyone from very young ages to the elderly with the oldest player being 102 years old and can regularly hit a hole in one on his favourite course.


There’s a website I regularly visit called redwinggolf.com which is based in the USA and ships golf clubs and golf equipment all round the world. They specialise in fast delivery and customer satisfaction aswel as having very competitive prices.


Redwing golf sells discount golf clubs and golf equipment that has been custom made to meet particular specifications at factory direct prices. They offer clone golf clubs, used golf clubs, golf bags, cheap head covers, and accessories. There are custom golf clubs to fit men, women and even the junior golfers. All new clubs supplied by redwinggolf.com come with a lifetime warranty.


They also have several resources written by expert golfers designed to help you with certain areas and to possibly teach you a thing or two. They also have guides on different types of clubs like the cloned clubs and standard clubs. The site has a nice feel to it and is very user friendly, each page is pumped full of information about golf and what they offer.

Redwinggolf.com also have a returns policy so if you clubs arrived damaged in anyway they issue a RMA number and replace your damaged club. If you have any questions about there services or products then feel free to contact there customer support team as they are more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

CALL 516-852-4502 If you are serious about making MONEY....


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