Aspects of Golf Course Maintenance

September 30, 2009


Golf courses are always in a state of constant change and evolution since they are growing! They interfere with the width of the putting surface of the golf course such as the trees, grass and other shrubs grow. These elements forming the major part of the course need to be maintained in a proper and orderly fashion thus increasing the efficiency of the course itself, in order to reduce the wastage of the surface.

Well-maintained golf courses provide plenty of the ecological as well as community benefits. Fertilizers and pesticides should be used but in moderation over the entire golf course to maintain a healthy turf.

Trees are also an important and vital part of any golf course. The overgrown limbs of trees have to be trimmed as part of tree maintenance program. Softer slopes are most cost effective and have less maintenance compared to steep slopes. Trim work is the most difficult and crucial part of golf course maintenance. Sand Bunker require the sand to be added and replaced constantly as well as raking. If the sand bunkers are steep, after heavy rain, the sand will always need to be shoveled back into the bunkers.

Maintain the golf carts, which are generally petrol or electric, is also very important. If you are using electric carts, the batter terminals and water levels should be checked every fortnight . The damage to the greens on the golf course can be reduced to a large extent by using Soft spike golf shoes instead of the metal spike shoes.

The irrigation system of any golf course also needs proper care in order to work to its full potential. It will reduce the overall water wastage and improve the appearance and quality of the greens in a big way, if this system is maintained efficiently . You can keep your golf course looking beautiful and well manicured thus ensuring a quality experience for the players, by following a few simple steps .

A Rotor Maintenance- Worn out seals and nozzles should be replaced immediately, the arcs of the rotors should be regularly adjusted. Anticipate changes in weather and increase or decrease accordingly water usage. These will help prevent dry spot at the same time lessen the risk of over-watering the golf course.

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