Bringing your New Golf Swing to a New Level

August 7, 2009


When you become an experienced golfer, it’s a lot easier to sense when to start your downswing.  If you already have this ability, you’ve got yourself a good golf swing technique.

What do I mean?  Well, it has to do with the hands.  When you bring your club back to the top of your swing, you will start to feel a sensation from your hands to your shoulders.  This means you have the ability to control what is about to happen next and through the downswing into the ball.

The main goal here is to have a smooth transition from the golf backswing into the downswing.  You’ve got to make sure that you slow down your actions.  If you can do this it will allow for a more consistent swing each time you’re up.  When you figure this out it will spill over into all your other swings and even the putts.

While it’s all great, it’s the sensation you feel in your arm and shoulder that brings the fluent point.  As soon as you notice this in your new golf swing, it means it’s time to bring the club back down into the ball.  The hands will start to change direction and will release all the control and power they’ve built up, back into the golf ball.

If you can master a slow downward drive of the hands, it will be a good start.  Add in the ability to bring your hands and inner arm across the body and you’ll have yourself a decent golf swing.  However, it doesn’t get better until you retain the club shaft behind the hands.

Once you figure out the lateral shift, a good player can keep the power in their hands and release it at the right time.  When you reach the top of the swing, understand what you can do with the sensation that has built up and remember it during your downswing.  If you keep the club face square, all that power will go into the ball.

In order to get the accuracy you desire, it’s important to have the hands wind up almost level with the ball.  You’ll have to keep the club head pointing to eight o’ clock or higher.

As a teacher, I often see the issues with this while watching my pupils.  It’s probably one of the most difficult areas of the golf swing technique.  However, if you can spend the time to train, it will be worth your while.  Just let the club head hit the same area consistently.  In order to do this you may have to slow down your back or downswing. 

It’s all about being accurate.  Take someone who has a good shape to their swing, but can deliver the approach the same way each time.  This all comes down to inferior timing and not being able to control the hands while releasing into the ball.

You can figure out what level you’re at by placing 3 balls on the ground and hitting them with the same club.  Aim for a specific area and watch to see the finishing locations.  Are they left, right, or over the green?  Maybe one landed short?  Whatever the case may be, they should have landed in pretty much the same area.

You can have an accurate swing, but you’ll need to train yourself how to free up the hands and position the club at an eight o’ clock position.  When you do, the hitting off the carpet feel will happen more often.

Does it make sense that a shaped swing must be harnessed to a shaped delivery?  It should, but how you train your hands will be crucial.  All I can say is that you need to keep the eight o’clock position in mind when you’re practicing. 

Get your golf swing technique right, and your golf short game will improve dramatically.

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