Callaway Big Bertha Women

October 28, 2009


Callaway Big Bertha women’s clubs take advantage of all of the golf technological advances that Callaway clubs are famous for. But are they creating better clubs or simply attempting to use science in a purely marketing sense? With Callaway Big Bertha women’s line, proven strategies in design and balance are incorporated, aiming for solid and consistent results for golfers of all levels, do they achieve it?

With the women’s clubs, they have attempted to think carefully of the needs specific to female golfers but have they delivered? The Callaway Big Bertha women’s line include several allowances for the difference in body and play style of women and men, with a Winn grip for women aiming for increased control and better feel, along with the Aldila shaft that is specifically designed to accommodate the female swing.

They have slightly smaller heads to allow for a high moment of inertia, or MOI, which allows for long ball flights with minimal shifting in the wind. Even those who have not yet perfected their swing may find Callaway Big Bertha women’s clubs helpful, as they are extremely forgiving with a large surface area exposing a vast sweet spot on the face of the club. Internal weight in the club is distributed towards the heel, reducing slices and fades and hopefully producing a better feel at moment of impact.

The standard S2H2 (short, straight, hollow, holes) included in other clubs in the brand is also present, distributing weight more evenly to the outside of the head of the club for a comfortable feel and improved control over swings and direction of the ball. With an elongated shaft, the women’s clubs adjust for the difference in height between men and women and also for the variation in swing needs of women versus men.

All this being said, like every club it is down to personal choice. Different boots for different suits as the old saying goes. Keep researching your clubs before you make a definite decision. Remember to also try and take a look at the club. Its feel and effectiveness can be hampered if you don’t feel good holding it.

With the Callaway Golf Big Bertha women range of clubs, it is clear that Callaway has been extremely careful to consider the specific needs and wants of female golfers. Including Callaway Golf Accessories such as Callaway Golf Bags, Shoes, etc. Including all the technological advances that the brand has to offer, Callaway Big Bertha women’s clubs offer control, long and straight drives and well as extreme distance off the tee on lengthy holes.

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