Callaway Golf and its club types

August 12, 2009


Many of today’s golfers you will find are in their middle ages to more elderly men. Younger crowds do not have as much money to spend on golf unless they are really true golfers at heart, and will save their money for something else. These same golfers have grown up with the Callaway Golf Club and the various equipment improvements over the years. Any golfer throughout their career who has owned a Callaway golf club will attest to the reliability of these clubs.

Some history about Callaway Golf and how it came about. In the past, Ely Callaway created the Callaway Hickory Stick USA with the knowledge that he would be using that to create the most popular golf brand today in Callaway golf. The popularity stems from its innovation and unique aspects that are put into the making of the clubs. True quality clubs coming from the old woods to the new hybrid golf clubs.

In the range of clubs offered by Callaway, you will find they include the bigger clubs like the drivers, fairway woods and hybrids and then you will find the smaller clubs including the irons, wedges and putters. The Callaway Big Bertha Driver is one of the most famous Drivers ever produced by Callaway Golf, while they have also produced some great Fairway Woods like the Big Bertha Fusion and Titanium Fairway Woods. Their main name you will find with a lot of their clubs is “Big Bertha”. This name stems from the german cannon back in the early nineteen hundreds during the period of war. The name relates to the cannon as it is able to shoot really long distances. These qualities are something any professional golfer will appreciate. With so many of these clubs being sold, year in year out, you can definately tell that golfers appreciate the R&D in the clubs.

The Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrid is one of the most popular hybrid clubs produced by Callaway in 2009. A superior club that warrants the price put on it. For 2009, Callaway has introduced a few new drivers including the Callaway FT-9 Tour Driver that is made to have a better MOI and improving your game. It also supports Fusion technology which is a win win situation for even professional golfers. One thing for certain with Callaway is you will get the research behind the product, and the results will show with a smile on your face the first time you use them teeing off.

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