Can You Afford Name Brand Golf Clubs?

August 26, 2009


Everyone is looking for a bargain these days. Why shouldn’t golfers get a price break also? Your view of name brand versus discount brands makes quite a difference. Knock off golf clubs provide a perfect way for a golfer to save a bunch of money. What are your feelings toward clone golf clubs? Do you think that only name-brand golf clubs work to hit a golf ball? Are you a PGA tour player?

The reason professional golfers play major brand golf clubs is that they are essentially given the golf clubs to use. Brand name golf clubs companies do this in order to have their brand name presented to lots of amateur golfers. This provides cheap advertisement for the golf club companies and cheap golf clubs for the professional golfer.

After a golfer turns pro and are given their tour card, they receive money to play a major brand golf club. Every time they make the cut in a golf tournament, they receive more money toward golf clubs. Win a tournament and they receive even more money toward those golf clubs. This is in addition to the money they win from the tournament.

Of course, the professional golfer wants to play golf clubs that they are comfortable and confident swinging. The major golf company wants as many golfers as possible to play their golf clubs. Toward this end, the golf clubs are modified in any way that the professional golfer wants. Making the adjustments to those major brand golf clubs would cost quite a bit for the amateur golfer.

The bigger the marketing budget of the major brand golf club manufacturer, the more prevalent their golf clubs will be on professional tours and the more their brand name will be in front of regular golfers that will pay full price for those golf clubs.

Pro golfers are constantly adjusting their golf clubs and the golf club maker has to make those adjustments. This includes special vans and personnel on site to make those adjustments as the players request them. Do you think you could pay for that kind of attention? You, as the consumer, do when you buy major brand golf clubs. When you purchase those name brand golf clubs, you ultimately pay for those expenses.

You may also want to purchase major brand golf clubs and not worry about whether or not they actually fit you and your golf swing. This is a major mistake if you want to get the most out of your golf clubs.

Clone golf clubs that are custom made to your physical characteristics provide the best value for your money. You can save your money over what you would have spent on name brand golf clubs. You will also enjoy those clubs because they will allow you to best opportunity to play well.

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