Carts of Golf

November 6, 2009


That’s where golf carts come in handy.  This author personally won’t play golf very often without the benefit of a golf cart, but that’s just my preference – I tend to be a little lazy.  But with the new golf carts that are out today, they really can make golf a little more enjoyable. While many people think that golf isn’t really golf unless you walk the course, the reality is that some people just can’t do that.


Besides not having to haul your golf bag around with you, the golf cart can also help you avoid fatigue and carry along a cooler of snacks, soda, or beer along with you if that’s what you like to do when you golf.  There are basically three big golf cart manufacturers that dominate the golf cart market:

* Club Car

* Yamaha


Some golf carts are powered with small gas engines while others are electrically powered.  The electric golf carts were the first mass-produced electric vehicles for private consumer use.  Modern golf carts may have car-like styling despite being no bigger than a traditional golf cart.  Accessories such as audio entertainment systems, custom wheels, and custom body panels in an assortment of colors are now being offered as choices for the personal golf cart.


  There is a huge market for aftermarket parts on golf carts.  Because golf carts can have a long life, people often buy used golf carts making these aftermarket parts very valuable to people who need to fix broken parts of their golf cart. Golf carts aren’t just used on the golf course.  Some small communities or neighborhoods will use a golf cart where their lack of pollutants, lack of noise, and safety for pedestrians and other cars are beneficial.


  Either way, the truth is golf carts can really help make the game more enjoyable by leaps and bounds. Golf carts are considered by many golfers to be an essential part of the golf game.  Others just think the golf cart make a golf course more dangerous.


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