Do you agree with these top 20 American sports?

October 15, 2009


Now i know you probably won’t disagree with the top 5 of these, but what would you do about the rest?

  1. American Football – started in 1869 by the National College league.
  2. Baseball – one of the largest sports in America, if not the largest ranging from little leagues to, Umm, the big ones.
  3. Basketball – A very big sport in America, and not to mention the rest of the world.
  4. Hockey – For starters this isn’t an American sport, it is however a massive sport in America.
  5. Golf – It doesn’t take much to realise where the boom happened, it was Mr Woods.
  6. Wrestling – Well it gets massive views every weekend, loved by Americans.
  7. Tennis – Americans can go to almost any country in the world and win something in this sport.
  8. Skateboarding – This really kicked off in America, spreading to the whole world.
  9. Surfing – Well, America helped this sport to make its mark.
  10. Ice Skating – Many famous names have come out of this sport including; Jennifer Kirk – stunning.
  11. Boxing – Immense, probably my favourite, but needs a bit more TV time.
  12. Soccer – The Americans have only just started to accept this as a big sport, but it is growing.
  13. Archery – This seems to be something the Americans have excelled in, they have got a massive amount of medals from it.
  14. Volleyball – Great fun for everyone, especially those watching.
  15. Cycling – Has been in the sport world for a while now, and has taken off, but not as much as others.
  16. Track and Field – This is the Americans passion at the Olympics, they are by far the best at the Track and Field.
  17. Horse Racing – Back in the day this was much bigger than Auto Racing.
  18. Rock Climbing – A great way to enjoy a holiday, out on the rocks, or indoors.
  19. Extreme Sports – The sports in this category have always grasped the nation, not always in a good way.
  20. Auto Racing – This should come high, but doesn’t because of the category, Monster Truck and Rally are very high though.

Would you recommend these as the top 20? Should they be in a different order? What a great way to find out – try Las Vegas holidays or New York holidays to really find out

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