End Golf Swing Confusion Forever

September 23, 2009



We’re in the information age,  this often means information overload when it comes to the golf swing  


To find out that there are just about as many swing methods as there are instructors, as new golfers, we start out believing that there is one right way to swing .  It seems contradictory information that the more we learn about the golf swing, the more our minds are filled with confusing .


Maybe you would have chosen the information from the pro who was most well known, or the one you could play the best, or the one you listened to most recently.  There is now a proven way to determine which swing method is best for you, this is the good news .that was easy.The secret was to start with impact!


There is only one way the club needs to be at impact to hit a desired shot, while there are hundreds, or maybe even thousands of different swing methods.  You’ll get the results you want, if your club is in that position .If you are not, you won’t.  It’s the most important aspect of your golf swing, this impact is often called the moment of truth .  If you want to find your best swing, and end swing confusion forever, the secret is to relate every swing change to impact. 


For example, if you want to know whether one set-up is better than another, figure out which one allows you to swing your club into the ideal position at impact in the easiest, most comfortable, most powerful way.  Notice which way makes it easiest for you to achieve the ideal impact position, if you want to know whether a flatter or a more upright backswing is best .


There is only one way to swing that is the, easiest, most comfortable, and most powerful way for YOU, while there are numerous swing methods   Trust that the swing that feels best is the right way to swing and you’ll end swing confusion forever!



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