Excellence and Technology featured in new ECCO golf shoes

August 7, 2009


Scandinavian company Ecco continues to deliver the quality they have become known for in their current line of ECCO brand golf shoes. With all different sizes and colors available in their women’s styles, technology and comfort abound. The Ecco golf shoes sport different technologies that can help enhance a golfer’s game. Several styles include Ecco’s patented water resistant Hydromax leather keeping feet dry while venturing through the rough on that par 5.  The process of water resisting the shoes isn’t just on the outside, but throughout the leather for longer lasting effectiveness.

For golfers who prefer to walk instead of riding the cart, ECCO brand shoes have “Direct Inject” technology creating a lightweight but strong outside. The direct inject feature provides stability and cushioning allowing for extended time on one’s feet without becoming fatigued. Since the soles of these shoes are built with out glue or stitching, they prove to be long lasting – perfect for many rounds of comfortable golfing.

The Ecco golf shoes were designed with golfers in mind. Each pair includes the Ecco swing stabilizer providing an internal system that helps stabilize heels during every golf swing. Ecco has also eliminated a distraction during the golf game by providing each pair of shoes with waxed laces that will stay tied and not throw off the rhythm of the game. If golfers prefer to wear a spikeless shoe, Ecco also has those available. Still providing traction and grip, these shoes won’t create divots or scratches on sensitive greens.

Colors and varieties of Ecco golf shoes abound. Men’s styles range from the Classic saddle to the Flexor model to a casual tennis shoe style of golf shoe. There are many color options ranking from the more conservative but chic white and black combinations, to brown (all colors of brown and white). Ecco golf shoes also provide a more contemporary vibe of a mix of reds (lava), blues, and black and tans for the shoes as well.

The women’s styles of Ecco golf shoes are just as appealing. Several styles sport a classic wing buckle, to traditional laces, to a Velcro strap look. Great bold colors here as well including pink, blacks, tans, and silvers. Ecco golf shoes range from $110 to $430. Features and styles vary with each pair of shoe allowing the golfer to choose the perfect Ecco brand shoes for their golf game.


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