Exercise For Golfers Pay Huges Dividends

October 2, 2009


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But I’m here to tell they are most definitely not, exercises for golfers may seem like an oxymoron . Golf is physical! Golf causes injury! Golf can very easily break down the body! Your body has to have a higher level of golf specific strength and flexibility, to hit the ball maximum distance.

The above statements are fact.

To play your best golf you need to implement exercises for golfers as soon as possible. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results on the course.

So what’s the difference between doing exercises for golfers and going to the gym and plopping down on machines ?

First off…do you sit when you play golf?

Then why would you sit in a “controlled” machine thinking it will improve your golf?

Golf is in a dynamic position “on your feet” (golf posture).

Because the demands for golf are so unique, you need to approach your golf improvement from a different angle than just going into a gym and thinking it will help your golf game.

Exercises for golfers doesn’t just mean strength exercises. You’ve get to do golf stretching exercises as well.

Whenever I hear a golfer say he/she needs to stretch more…my first thought is “they are missing the boat”. Golf stretching without golf exercise is not permanent flexibility.

Here’s an example for you.

Stretch a rubber band. Now stretch it more and more. What happens to the rubber band? It gets brittle and eventually breaks.

Picture your muscles just like that rubber band.

The winning combination is golf exercise and golf stretching . This will give you the best results.

Take a look at the body position required to make a mechanically sound swing, when putting together your exercises for golfers program .

Once you realize this dynamic and very unique position, you can do golf exercises specific to this position.

Things to remember.


• Do the majority of your golf exercises on your feet.

• Do them in your golf posture if at all possible.

• Just like your golf swing, keep your knees flexed .

• Do as many rotational exercises as possible.

• Make sure to do the follow through side of the swing.

• Do a high enough repetition to promote golf muscular endurance.

Exercises for golfers can be fun and keep you motivated to stick with your program. Adherence is the main culprit for lack of results. Like any fitness or weight loss program, if you don’t do it consistently you won’t see the results.

Staying motivated by picturing the “end-result” on the course will be a huge help. Envision you on that first tee a more powerful and fit golfer. Picture blasting your drives by all your playing partners. And lastly, paint a strong visual of you having the lowest score consistently when you play in your normal golf groups.

I hope you now have a better understanding of exercises for golfers.

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