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August 26, 2009


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All golfers should know about the seven ball flight problem areas that most golfers face.Now once a player faces one of these problems, it is normally a recurring theme. Falling into little “ruts” with their golf swing sometimes is common for all golfers.Some are worse than others, and many last for longer periods of time.When it happens, golfers wonder where the “perfect swing” that we had just a few weeks ago went.

When we begin to understand these seven swing faults, it becomes much easier to get our swing back when we get into one of these “ruts” with our swing.These are the seven different problems the average golfer faces(from the right-handed perspective)

1.    Fades (the ball starts straight and then curves right)
2.    Hooking (the ball starts straight and then curves left)
3.    Pushing (the ball goes straight right)
4.    Pulls (the ball goes straight left)
5.    Fat Shots (the club digs into ground before making contact with the ball)
6.    Thin Shots or Topping (the club makes contact with the top of the ball – making the ball fly very low)
7.    Lack of Distance (ball doesn’t seem to go very far)

Now you may be the rare exception that looks at this list and says “I don’t have any of these problems.”  However, every golfer – no matter what level – is going to have one of these problems with their swing at some point.And generally, they appear more often than the average golfer like to admit.Scores of golfers use up the entire golf season tracking down and changing various problems that have “popped up” in their swing.

Knowing these problem areas is only the beginning.  The real secret is identifying which problem you have and how to fix it.  I found a set of three free golf instruction videos you can check out that address some of these swing issues. The instruction in these videos will show you how to learn the  golf swing quickly and easily, its unigue because they take evaluations of real student golf swings so that you can see how easy these corrections can be identified and corrected.

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