Fun Golf Trivia Facts

August 12, 2009


So exactly how much do you really know about golf? Below you’ll find some trivia questions and answers about different golf topics. I have also added some facts that will be of interest. Have fun!

Which US State has the most golf courses?


The Sunshine state boasts having one thousand one hundred golf courses? California comes in at number two with 950.

Scotland placed a ban on golf in what year?


It was banned so that citizens would not waste time. They were supposed to be preparing against a British invasion threat.In 1502 the ban was lifted.

The longest golf course in the world is in which state?


It boasts being 8325 yards long and is listed as a par 7. The largest golf green in the world is another claim of this course.

Where is the world’s oldest golf course?

The oldest golf course is located inn Scotland in Mussellburgh.

It is the Old Links course.In 1567 it is said that Queen Mary herself played a round of golf there.

Who was the youngest golfer to hit a hole in one?

Coby Orr

Coby Orr set the record in 1975 in the toen of Littleton Colorado. He was only five years old.

What is the maximum number of golf clubs that a player can carry?

A player can have 14 clubs.

Players can share clubs provided that their total number of clubs does not exceed fourteen. A player can carry as many balls as they want.

Where is the world’s largest bunker?

Pine Valley Course – located in New Jersey

The huge bunker is on the number seven hole of the Pine Valley Course in New Jersey.It is appropriately called Hell’s Half Acre.

If you shoot four under par what is it called?

Condor is the correct term. A triple eagle is also a condor.

In golfing terms what is a pill?

Pill is another word for the ball

Feathers used to be used to make golf balls.They have also been made using wool and wood.

The longest golf hole is where in the world?

Japan is home to the longest golf hole.

The longest golf hole in the world is part of the Satsuki Golf Club course. The hole measures an astounding 909 yards and is a par seven.

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