Golf Apparel

November 1, 2009


Many golf clubs have rules as to what golf apparel is acceptable on their course.   When it comes to golf apparel, you really have many choices available.  What to wear isn’t always first on the golfer’s mind, but choosing the right golf apparel can make a difference in playing well and playing not so well. 


  In warm weather, fitted shorts are generally permitted as part of the golf apparel.  Golf apparel for women, however, can run the gamut. This usually means no tank tops or short shorts, all players must wear shirts with collars, and no jeans are allowed.  Generally male golfers will wear khaki pants and a collared polo shirt.


Polo shirts are also worn by women – some sleeveless polos are also allowed on upscale courses.  Women tend to opt for visors to keep the sun away although hats are another option. Golf skirts are very popular for female golfers because they are less restrictive, but others opt for shorts or loose pants. 


  There’s nothing worse than clothing that is too tight – especially on the golf course. When choosing your golf apparel, you should take care that the clothing is not too restrictive.


Many golfers like to have pockets so they can carry golf tees, divot fixers, ball markers, and even extra balls, although we don’t recommend the latter as it can throw off your swing quite a bit. When choosing pants or shorts, it’s convenient to have pockets.


Golf course pro shops will carry specific lines of golf clothing that will conform to their dress code, but they will be a bit more expensive than buying them in a store.  Find a golf store and you will find a great selection of golf apparel to choose from. You will want to choose clothes that are made of lightweight, breathable fabrics – especially if you golf primarily in cold weather.  You can find adequate golf apparel in many places.


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