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November 8, 2009


While many people think that golf isn’t really golfing unless you walk the course, the reality is that some people just can’t do that.  This is where golfing carts turn out to be handy.  This author personally won’t play golf very often without the benefit of a golfing cart, but that is’s just my preference I tend to be a little lazy.  But with the new golf carts that are out today, they can make golfing a touch more delightful. 

Besides not being made to haul your golfing bag around with you, the golfing cart can also help you to avoid fatigue and carry along a cooler of nibbles, soda, or lager together with you if that’s what you want to do when you golf.  You may get a good rest on a hot day when you use a golfing cart to navigate the course. 

There are essentially 3 large golf cart manufacturers that reign supreme over the golfing cart market : Yamaha, EZ Go.  And Club Car. 

Some golf carts are powered with little gas engines while others are electrically powered.  The electric golf carts were the 1st mass-produced electric cars for non-public patron use.  Modern golfing carts might have car-like styling despite being no bigger than a standard golf cart.  Accessories such as audio entertainment systems, custom wheels, and custom body panels in a variety of colours are being offered as decisions for the private golfing cart. 

Golf carts are not just used on the golf course.  Some small communities or neighborhoods will employ a golfing cart where their absence of pollutants, shortage of noise, and safety for pedestrians and other cars are beneficial.  While purpose-built for general transportation, these are called Neighborhood electrical cars and they have assorted operating restrictions like top speed and heavy regulation on street use.  They do resemble normal golfing carts in style, but some are enclosed to accommodate to be used in all types of weather. 

There is a huge market for aftermarket parts on golfing carts.  Each major producing company has their own line of O.E.M parts to improve off-road capabilities.  Because golfing carts can have a long life, people regularly buy used golfing carts making these OEM parts extremely valuable to people who have a need to fix damaged parts of their golfing cart. 

golfing carts are considered by many golfers to be an essential part of the golfing game.  Others just assume the golf cart make a golf course more dangerous.  Either way, the truth is golfing carts can really aid in making the game more delightful by big jumps.

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