Golf Driving Tips

August 23, 2009


The most important that you will need to produce on any par is your tee off shot, how well you hit the ball will help make it easier for you to hit on to the green or even in the hole. Many golfers struggle off the tee due to being inexperienced or fail to even bother fixing what is going wrong with their drives. What can be done about this? Here is the answer you have looking for. Follow the few steps and techniques I am about to share with you then go out there and implement them.

At the beginning check your stance. Be sure to keep a comfortable distance away from the ball . Be sure to keep your feet shoulder width apart, this will provide you with a sturdy stance to drive the ball.

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You might need to loosen up in your swing. If you have a tight grip loosen up on that aspect aswel. Being sure to do this will help you with greater clubhead speed to whip the ball on impact. Most golfers believe that tensing up the body will get you to hit the ball harder which is not entirely true. To execute the perfect swing comes technique,power, timing, and flexibility.


Make sure that during your downswing not to come over the top of the ball, it can cause you to slice. This is created when you use too much upper body in the downswing instead of driving your weight from right to left or left to right if you are left handed. To create immense power in your swing be aware that it is your core and your legs that drive the power for your swing.

Keep it simple and don’t complicate things too much, implementing the basic fundamentals will give you an edge.

I hope I made this read simple enough for you to understand. There are more tips for you to check out in my other articles but these will do for now once you get familiar with the process.

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