Hitting Long Golf Drives in the Real World

November 13, 2009


The tee is where every golf hole starts. If you have trouble driving the ball, then you’re opening every single hole at a disadvantage. You might scramble your par with a great chip, but you might well be going for birdies if your drive had been a bit longer.

For nearly all players, consistency and long golf drives are far from being impossible. Being long off the tee is a lot easier than most people recognize.

Modern golf equipment means golf balls today get the best distance from launching on a high trajectory and having a shallower angle of descent. It isn’t about low carrying drives any longer. Long drives come from high penetrating trajectories, with most of the distance being carry.

With great swing speeds and on-center striking, pros still manage to launch the ball high, even with low lofted drivers. For most club players however, playing a higher lofted driver will boost accuracy and carry. The majority of club golfers would do best with drivers in the 11 14 degree loft range.

Playing the right driver shaft is crucial when it comes to long drives and consistent golf. The shaft has a vital part to play in all your clubs but the effects of playing the wrong shaft in your driver are magnified.

The majority of golfers play drivers with graphite shafts. Sadly, the majority of golfers also play shafts that are too stiff for their swing speeds. That might be the cause of the most common fault in golf, the slice. Play a shaft that is overly stiff and you’ll in all probability suffer from a slice.

This has a lot to do with the widespread fallacy that graphite shafts are too whippy. That might have been the case 10 years ago, but advanced graphite shaft construction has given us outstanding models with very even playing profiles.

A medium torque, light-weight driver shaft would give the best results for nearly all golfers. Using a light-weight shaft will amplify your swing speed and you’ll be able to load a medium torque shaft better during your swing, getting the club square back to the ball with the most energy. More energy, more yards.

The stiffness of the shaft’s tip will also influence the launch angles. Your launch angles will suffer if you use a shaft which is excessively tip-stiff. Launching the ball on the ideal angle is where a long golf drive comes from. Remember, we’re after piercing flights not low stingers.

Choosing the right combination of driver head and shaft characteristics is crucial to consistent driving and long golf drives. Your driver need to match your game, not fight against it.

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