How To Cut The Cost Of Golf With A Previously Owned Golf Cart

August 28, 2009


The golf cart has been around for decades and yet it is still much the same as when it was first developed. Getting a golfer or a group of golfers from hole to hole with all their clubs is the simple mission of the humble golf cart. They are simple and very economical vehicles running on either a gas engine or a battery powered electric motor.

You may sometimes get a golf cart with a little minor accident damage where someone has bumped into it but they don’t suffer a lot from wear and tear. With the correct maintenance and servicing you can expect a golf cart to last for many years making a used golf cart a great buy when compared with the cost of new ones.

Of the two types of golf carts I prefer the electric but many people like gas engined ones and they are both cheap to run. Some people are really passionate about electric or gas but I don’t really care and either one will do for me.

When you are buying a used golf cart you should check that it has been serviced correctly. You may find that a gas powered cart needs a little more in the way of servicing than electric but it doesn’t take very long to have done. The electric golf carts have far fewer moving parts and servicing often involves little more than a quick check to ensure the electrical connections are in order. They don’t often need any attention but obviously wheels, tires and brakes should be checked regularly.

Everyone doesn’t want the same thing so some people decide to customize their golf carts with their own style of decoration and color. I have even seen a cart decorated to look like a briefcase though why I have no idea. We all like to consider ourselves a little special and there is no reason that should not apply to your golf cart.

Many different venues make use of golf carts so don’t think you are seeing things if you see a golf cart at a hotel complex. Theme parks find them very simple and economical vehicles to use for transporting people around their sites.

Golf carts are great at doing what they do and they go on doing that for years so we should be grateful to the guy who invented them. I guess they can wear out eventually but I don’t see them piled up at scrapyards and they can be used for things other than golf. Buying online is a good option as you can see lots of golf carts with pictures and prices.


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