Improve My Golf Game

July 30, 2009


Golf is known by many as a challenging sport. It doesn’t matter if you are a novus, or a pro, you can always lower your golf score. The key to lowering your handicap is learning to consistently groove whatever club you need to hit the ball 150 yards. If you are accurate with this club, your game will drastically improve.

You just can’t experience the best in golf unless you have cultivated “touch”. feel is a term that means in touch. Or to be connected with your golf game in every aspect. As far as golf is concerned being one with the green is regarded as having feel. It is the ultimate way to quickly lower your golf handicap.

The key to lower your golf score and your handicap, and keeping it there, is consistently practicing. Overall it comes down to your golf swing. A low score relies on effective and repeatable ball striking. Learning to develop a smooth and controlled swing is the key to to keeping your handicap low.. This will reduce your swing thoughts which will result in less anxiety throughout your swing.

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Lets put together some key points when practising on the range next.

1. Hitting a bucket of balls should not be a speed driving contest. You have got to have a plan and take your time. If your hitting through the bucket too fast, you will get tired and then develop poor habits. Relax and take your time..

2. Golf requires 85% mental toughness so before you hit each shot focus on hitting a great shot and analyze each shot to see what you need to do to improve your swing.

3. Bring a pad and pen and write your thoughts during the training. This may sound weird but try it you will be amazed!.

4. Begin your practice sessions by smoothing your swing with short, soft iron shots…working your way up through the clubs until reaching your driver. You should maximise your swing once you have found a level of consistency and flowing, relaxing tempo.

5. Create targets with different distances and try land the ball within a 2-5 metre area. Having good distance with bad accuracy is useless and can be expensive.

Implement a well thought out practice plan will help develop your game and lower your handicap very quickly stay away from hitting buckets of balls.Improving your game will be achieved by practicing so get out to the range and get practicing today.

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