Learn How To Drive Long Off The Tee

August 4, 2009


It makes sense that we all want to know how to drive long off the tee. After all, more distance gives us shorter and easier approach shots to the green. Most of the golf swing instruction e-books offer to teach us how to add more distance. Most of them promise, at least, an extra few yards.

However, these golf swing e-books are mainly for the beginner or weekend golfer. They teach you all about the golf swing; the grip, setup, backswing, downswing, and follow through. But if you are a more accomplished golfer that is looking for more detailed information about how to drive long, you will need to go to the distance golf experts.


A good place to start is to visit the Long Drivers of America site. They are the golf association that runs the Remax Long Drive Championship. These power golf swing junkies are all about attaining maximum golf distance. So, if you want to participate in the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship, then you need to visit the LDA website.

Mike Austin – A Golf Legend

Amazingly, the Worlds longest drive has stood since 1974. The golf legend, Mike Austin at the age of 64, still holds the Guinness World Record for longest drive in a tournament, 515-yards –  during the U.S. National Senior Open in Las Vegas.

That was using a 43.5 inch steel-shafted, wood-headed driver! So obviously, the golf equipment doesn’t have that much to do with how far you can drive the ball. Though, today’s long drive champions use 2X or 3X, extra stiff shafts that are up to 50 inches, and driver lofts that are as low as 5 or 6 degrees.

Learning How To Drive Long

For most of us weekend warriors, we just want to know how to drive long and to improve our golf game in general. You may have a good grip and swing technique, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a good golf distance off the tee. Your golf club head speed is the major factor that you need to improve on. Every 1 mph increase in golf swing speed relates to about 2.5 yards of distance. Basically, if you increase your swing speed you’ll increase your distance.

Obviously, there are other factors to perfect if you want to learn how to drive long. Golf flexibility and fitness training will improve your overall golf game, as well as your distance. Another important area of your game that you should know about is the mental game of golf. These areas of golf are usually ignored by most golfers, but they are crucial if you want to take your game to the next level.

A Distance Golf Instructor

To learn how to drive long properly, you need a golf instructor who knows what it takes to achieve distance golf. If you can only hit drives of 200 yards, then adding only a few extra yards to your drives won’t help you that much. You need to find someone that has been at your level and who has learned how to drive 350 to 430 yards.

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