Making it in sports

August 15, 2009


One of the great aspects our society is the sports we enjoy.  From professional athletes all the way down to little kids.We get the thrill of it all.  One thing about sports though, no matter how gifted you are it’s still very mental.

What am I saying with that?We have heard about the special athletes who for some reason couldn’t make it.When you examine the reason why, most of the times it was a problem in their head.  I know this for a fact helping a lot of athletes doing sports psychology in San Diego.  At each level you are going to reach a point where everyone is pretty good.The ones that can overcome the mental part of the game are the ones that will find success.

A lot of times the thing holding an athlete back from success is their mental attitude.We witness very exreme situations in professional sports where bright stars just can’t succeed anymore.

But we also know about the cases where a struggling athelete who hired a sports psychologist suddenly turned it around.

In golf, Tiger Woods is probably the toughest golfer mentally.  Yes he has an excellent game.  But it is amazing to watch his competitors wilt under pressure when playing him.  Very good case in point of how mental sports are.

So for those atheltes considering going on with their career in sports, they have to begin in high school.By beginning in high school, what I mean is to be sure that they tune their mental game into top form.If they need to do something, they should start by hiring a therapist.  I get hired all the time to do teen therapy in San Diego to help young athletes. 

When you boil it down to who will make it big or just be a regular, it definitely is all the difference in the world.So when you are struggling in your sport, you need to take a close look at yourself.  A lot of times the physical struggles are a result of mental struggles. Hiring someone like a family counselor in San Diego can change that.

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