More Consistency in Your Golf Swing

October 26, 2009


The keys to a consistent swing are: 1) efficient golf swing mechanics and 2) the body.

Golf Swing mechanics is probably the easier of the two areas to understand. Beginning at address, moving through all the stages of the golf swing, and finishing with the follow through, the body is required to move through a specific sequence of movements to perform the golf swing correctly.

Over time, a poor swing results in poor consistency (every once in awhile you hit a good shot regardless of your swing, that’s what keeps us coming back for more). In addition to the body performing an intricate number of biomechanical movements in the golf swing, timing of these movements is critical for you to hit the ball successfully.

If they are not performed in the correct order or timing, then the golf swing will not be efficient. Poor timing results in those wonderful slices, snap hooks, chili dips and topping the ball that we know all too well.  Each and every biomechanical movement within the golf swing has a certain sequence and timing.

What swings the golf club?  One question might help you realize the importance of “the body” when it comes to the golf swing.

So why is this so important to consistency in your golf game? Some of the answers I have heard are: “my hands,” “the swing,” “my hips” and even “the grip.” The answer is your body. It is the body that swings the club.

We know from our golf lessons, that there are certain positions the body is required to be in during the golf swing. Now, from the address position your body must move the club on the correct path and generate club head speed to hit the ball accurately and with power. Well, let me tell you, it will be very difficult for the body to swing the club with the correct mechanics. So what does consistency in my golf swing really come down to? What most people do not understand is that for the body to perform the golf swing correctly, certain parameters need to be met by the body. If your body does not have the minimal levels of these factors in relation to the golf swing, then what do you think will happen?


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