Perfecting Your Golf Swing

November 13, 2009


Most golfers will say the hardest part of their game is focus. The mental side of golf is often misunderstood. Do you have a friend that breaks 80 on every round? Why is that? Practice, they practice. What they don’t tell you, is what they practice at. When you are talking about a game that is referred to as 90% mental and 10% talent you have to work on your mental toughness. When overcoming that mental side of golf, do you try to change your equipment, the time at which you play, maybe even they guys you play with. Here we go, some tips that are going to help get you on your way to being a better golfer.

The tempo of golf is often a concern for golfers. You are stuck behind a slow foursome, or maybe the guys behind you are rushing you, and you feel that pressure to golf faster. Well Tempo of the game should never affect the tempo of your swing. Swing tempo is important if you want consistent results in your game. How do I find my tempo you ask? A golfer can find their tempo by doing these simple things:

SLOW DOWN!! People often think that if they can swing faster and hit the ball harder they will get results, this is not the case at all. SLOW DOWN and focus on YOUR tempo not the tempo of the game. This is true is some instances, but, for the sake of this article we will not be discussing those concepts. No matter where you are playing or who you are playing with; the tempo you keep is is going to make you take the same back swing, have you contacting the ball the same, and allowing you to follow through the same every time. How are you going to practice this TEMPO? While at the driving range your focus should only be on one club at a time. First hit 20 range balls with your driver, next hit 20 range balls with your 9 iron, Next your 3 wood and your 8 iron follow this method until you have hit every club in your bag. To perfect your back swing come to the same position every time. When you hit the ball you should be contacting at the same speed every time. If You swing hard with woods you should swing hard with irons do not let the club size dictate you tempo. If you focus on your tempo you will see that by swinging all of your clubs the same your accuracy will improve drastically. Follow through is the same as your back swing you need to follow through the same on every shot. How you follow through directly affect your accuracy. When you focus on these three techniques you will find that your mental game will improve.

This is a three step process after you are done at the driving range it is time to head to the chipping green. Start by working with your wedges, then move on to you short irons. Practice 100 chips with each club. When you start in the deep stuff focus on yout tempo and making sure you land every ball on the green. If you are hitting the ball with the same tempo every time, your chipping will be more accurate. Remember chipping should be another tool in your arsenal and not the final result. Many careers have been made from singles and doubles hitters it is not just the home run hitters that decide how games turnout. If you can keep your mind focused on the task at hand you are going to chip and hit the green every time. The 8i and 9i will be used to work out the tempo of the bump and run technique. Tempo here is the key still but keep in mind that now you have too much club for such a short distance. Your tempo is what matters!! It would be like you are still hitting one of your wedges, you change clubs not the tempo!!

Putting Putting Putting! Why is this a hard thing to understand? We have now gone from Driving range tempo to chipping tempo to putting tempo the TEMPO does not change only the environment. What you want to practice here is the same thing! You want to work on your tempo. You are never going to change your swing for a putt. The only part about putting that changes is the distance. Start with 10 balls and putt then in from 1ft away from the hole. Move your self out 1ft for every 10 balls you sink in a row. Tempo is key when you are trying to stay focused.

The goal for these exercises is to teach your to go through the same steps every time. When you are working on you tempo you need to understand that you are separating your self from the game; you are working on you. Seeing results is going to depend on how much time you take to find your tempo!! The game is 90% mental; set a clock in your mind that only allows for the same tempo no matter when or where you are golfing. Create memory for your body and your mind will follow.

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