Picking Out the Right Golf Trip Bag

October 31, 2009


Getting all your stuff organized might not be the ticket can help you get a better golf swing, but it’s definitely been a give you a better attitude. This is especially true if you travel with your golf clubs. Knowing that your clubs are safe and sound is truly important, and the realization that you’ve got a placeĀ  for all that you need.

Travel Covers and Golf Travel Bags

With the huge variety of makes and models that you can choose from, you shouldn’t have any problem finding the right golf travel bag that will suit your needs perfectly. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just a basic golfer who wants to make sure that their golf clubs are secure or if you are one of those linkster golfers thatĀ  just needs room for a cooler in your bag, there are plenty of well made, totally awesome and convenient golf travel bags that you can select from.

Combos: The Easy Way

If you choose to select a combination golf travel bug/carrier combo you can benefit from the best of both worlds: they are made to be about the same weight as a regular bag, plus they make traveling easier because you have less bulk to pack.They can be ordered with wheels, for ease in getting around the airport or over to the cart. Designs range from sleek metal alloy to padded, reinforced cloth. If you would like the ease of using a piece of lead its that switches easily from a travel bag to a highly functional golf bag, then you would be well served to look into the combo golf travel bag/carrier.

Golf Travel Bag with Cover: Familiarity Breeds Comfort

Some golfers though have their bag set up exactly as they like it and don’t see why they would need to break everything out and repack it all for a trip. In that situation, adding a durable bag cover or case to your equipment makes a lot of sense. These are made so you can simply pack your travel bag inside, button everything down, and you’re ready to go. Wheeled designs are available, as well as unique space-saving models that feature “hideaway” construction to make it easier to store the case when it’s not in use.

Think about What You Need

If you travel infrequently, it probably doesn’t make sense to spend lots of money on a travel case or high-end golf travel bag. Take into consideration though how much money you have invested into your clubs, your shoes, and all your other gear (not to mention the high-priced lessons, know what I mean?), with this in mind you probably don’t want to skimp on the value of protection that you provide for your investment. Relax and take some time to check out all the options you have, think about how often you’ll use the bag, and take it from there.

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