Picking your Golf Equipment

August 16, 2009


Playing any sport requires you to have your own equipment to use that will allow you to play the game correctly. The basic golf equipment you need is a golf ball and some golf clubs. Those are the simple things you need for golf, but you really can get into much more as you will need a golf bag to hold your clubs, and then you may also be interested in the hybrid golf clubs which is a newer club technology. Golf balls have tiny dimples on them to improve the distance they travel, and are essentially just small little white balls. The clubs include the shaft of the club and the head that is different depending on the club type, whether a driver or putter.

From the Golf clubs you get, one of the first and foremost clubs you want is a golf club driver. This is used on the initial hit of the hole to drive the ball a good distance and get the closest possible to the end goal. Different landscapes require different golf clubs to make the right drive. You will then also need your golf club wedges and irons, and putters to complete your golf club set. If you want to buy all the golf clubs new, then any golf store should have what you are looking for. For those starting out, a used golf club iron set may be the perfect tool to get you to learn the game and improve before buying expensive new clubs.

Other equipment will also need to be purchased after you get the initial basics of a golf club and golf balls. One being the golf bag, which is storage for your clubs while on the course and may also hold other things like your water bottles. Your golf shoes and golf attire will be something you need to look at next, so you are comfortable while playing the eighteen holes. Lastly, some small items include the golf club headcovers and golf club tee. The headcovers are optional and not everyone uses them. For those who play often and don’t want to keep walking the holes, you can use a handy golf cart to get around the golf course. For much more information about golf clubs, take a look by exploring the Golf club informer at http://www.golfclubinformer.com.

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