See Your Golf Pro For lessons – Not Your Friends

August 8, 2009


It’s never easy asking for help, but in golf, it is almost a necessity. The sad thing is most amateurs seek help and tips from well meaning friends and golf partners, which in the long run will kill your golf game, so before it’s too late go and see your local Golf Professional for some coaching sessions. We think that a Golf Pro would critique harshly, but they are honest, positive and very helpful.

If you want to enjoy your game more with a lot less frustration involved, then speak to your local Golf pro as lessons don’t cost as much as you might think and the investment is well worth it. It is important to practice what you are taught, between golf lessons. Visit the driving range often and you will benefit a great deal and improve your game faster.

Of utmost importance, is being honest about your game. Your Golf Professional will ask you a lot of questions and evaluate the best way forward for your game whether you require help with bunker play, putting, fairway woods, irons or driving. Listen carefully and follow the instructions. A lot of people are worried about seeing their Golf pro for lessons as they feel he is going to rip their game apart; this could not be further from the truth, your Golf pro will work with you and try to improve what you have and not make drastic changes you are not capable of.

It’s important you ask questions, so don’t hesitate. Don’t worry if you think the question or concern is stupid-they’ve heard it all before, because you will not be made to look like an idiot for asking. If you don’t understand a particular point then say so, the golf pro has plenty of patience so don’t worry and make sure you understand before moving on. It is imperative you leave that lesson with all your questions answered.

You can concentrate on one thing during a lesson, or several. You might start with a lesson in driving; get the right grip, the right stance, the right swing, and the right follow-through in one lesson, and then practice it. Next time, you might work on your short game, or putting. The Golf Pro will give you a plan of action and step by step instructions to improve your game.

You can spend a lot of money getting fitted out with the right golf equipment and having done so, don’t you think you should spend a fraction of that money improving your golf swing and learning how to use these clubs to the best of your ability?

Kevin Phillips has been a Golf Professional for 31 years, and the Head Pro at Winterfield Golf Club since 1990.

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