Some Great Golf Tips For Driving Straight

October 31, 2009


There are lots of great golf tips that you could learn about, such as golf driving range tips, but if you really want to improve your game, you are going to want to get some ideas on golf tips for driving straight. When you learn golf tips for driving straight you know that you are going to have the most success with your game because the drive is the main shot in your game.

Sure putting is important too but the drive is the power shot that is going to get you started and hopefully get you onto the green. With the enormous drivers that are available today, it has never before been easier to hit the ball a long way. But there are a few golf tips for driving straight that you are going to want to keep in mind so you will have an accurate shot.

Train Your Aim With The Help Of Golf Driving Range Tips

One of the best golf tips for driving straightis to train your aim. This indicates that you have to keep in mind the railroad alignment analogy if you want to succeed here. Basically you want to use the image of yourself standing on railroad tracks to make sure that you are going to drive the ball straight.

Now imagine that the railroad tracks are completely straight and that a big train is coming at you right from the end of it. Keep this image in your mind as you prepare for your shot, and continue to keep focus on it as you power off your shot.

Lag for Power

Another great tip is to lag for power. Casting the golf club from the top of the swing is one of the most common power leaks, so you want to avoid this as best as you can. don’t forget that the more power better is your drive, but of course accuracy is also very important here. Lagging for power is really the secret move for more power on your drive.

Drive it a Mile

Another of the best golf tips for driving straight is to drive it a mile. Although it is okay for you to move a bit off the ball in the backswing, you really want to remember that if you want to transfer the maximum amount of power into the ball, then you are going to want to make sure that you are not swaying too far either way, backwards or forwards.

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