Stack and Tilt: The Golf Swing With a Difference

August 17, 2009


Stack and Tilt

If you have been playing golf for any period of time, you may believe that there is nothing new under the sun. However, experts and coaches periodically buck conventional wisdom and come up with new techniques. In 2007, golf coaches Andy Plummer and Mike Bennet introduced a new technique that has come to be known as the stack and tilt swing. You might not completely understand the fundamental differences between the traditional swing and this one. By now you will of course be asking yourself if this new swing could improve your own game.

Conventional wisdom teaches that a proper golf swing is most effective when you shift your weight to the back foot while making the backswing. This new stack and tilt swing, in contrast, encourages you to straighten the back leg and keep your weight towards the front and actually lean into your swing as the club impacts the ball. In practice, it looks much like the reverse pivot. This completely goes against the norm but generally, if you compare amateur golfers, no two swings are identical anyway.

Is it possible to improve your game using this new technique? Most certainly it can. It’s always possible to improve and this swing may very well help you to correct some of the weaknesses in your game. The swing does a few things. A properly executed stack and tilt results in a steeper approach and a lower trajectory. The resulting swing is somewhat flatter. You may like to give this swig a go unless, of course, your swing is already great. For some golfers it may be quite hard to put this swing into practice. The old saying that it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks definitely applies here. It might be difficult for you to adjust to this new swing if the tradition alone is very much ingrained. Your game will probably suffer in the meantime, but it can be done with plenty of practice.

In the golf world theories and opinions vary widely. Of course, not every golfer needs the stack and tilt method but for many it can provide the boost they need. Golfers like Tiger Woods are obviously ok sticking with a traditional swing. And as they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. If your current swing is working for you, you may want to stick with what you know.

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