Swing Difficulties Fixed by Using the New Stack and Tilt Method.

August 8, 2009


Stack and Tilt was developed by teaching professionals Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer in 2007. The golf world has embraced this newest trend. Golf Digest magazine, the golfing bible for a lot of golfers, has also written about Stack and Tilt golf instruction. Golfers everywhere are trying it out in the eternal hope that something will help their game.

The stack and tilt golf swing is being tried by amateurs and professionals alike. The absence of the weight shift feels uncomfortable at first but with enough practice it feels much better on the back and shoulders than the traditional swing. The swing is a lot more upright and you stand closer to the ball. If you are interested in trying the Stack and Tilt golf swing the DVD may be helpful. See it performed first and then practice it.~View a demonstration and then give it a try for yourself. This method promises help with fat, thin and slice shots.

It might be hard tofind a local golfpro who can teach the Stack and Tilt but perseverance may pay off. Have a golf party and play the DVD for your friends and practice at the range. Who knows you might reduce your handicap by several strokes and become your local club champion. This golf swing has been called the ultimate cure for bad golf shots. It’s a goal of everyone to enjoy playing golf. A bad swing can ruin a beautiful day. The Stack and Tilt could be the answer to your prayers on the course.

The Stack and Tilt golf will improve your swing regardless of your wherabouts on the golf course. Your drives will be better, your pitches will be better and  your game will improve dramatically. In order to keep out of various hazards, accuracy should be a main priority. If you can imagine standing straight and putting most of your weight on the front foot when you swing your club then the Stack and Tilt golf swing will work for you. {Many golfers are so excited to finally be able to reach the green in regulation and stay in the middle of the fairway and out of trouble that they rave about Stack and Tilt.} If you have some patience and are willing to practice enough to become effective there will be great rewards for you. Everyone wishes to be able to golf similar to Zack Johnson and Fred Couples, right?

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