The best choise : Callaway Golf

October 15, 2009


The name Callaway has become synonymous to the term Golf, Over the years. Callaway Golf company manufactures primarily golf equipment: golf clubs and golf balls. It’s hardly surprising, given the fact that Callaway Golf is the best known brand for golf equipment recognized worldwide. Their market ventures included sports such as callaway golf apparel, footwear, timepieces, callaway golf accessories, and watches, over time. Callaway Golf includeThe Odyssey brand, Top Flite brand and the Ben Hogan brand .

No one could ever forget how Mr. Ely achieved iconic status, or rather his first masterpiece the “Big Bertha”. The Callaway Golf Big Bertha completely revamped existing the callaway golf club and set new standards for golf. A marvel club at that time that showcase a 190cc steel club head that can hit the furthest and can hit even with minimal skill. ┬áThe big idea was a cheap wooden driver inspiration which used to make his design which would later be realized as the Callaway Golf ‘s Big Bertha.

Callaway Golf became public on the New York Stock Exchange, with a highly successful Product.

Other celebrities and distinguished personalities with remarkable golfing feats also contributed to making Callaway Golf a household name, such as Alice Cooper and Celine Dion, Callaway Golf did brilliant publicity stunts too, to further its image line. When Callaway Golf obtained the rights for their playing equipment, Pro Golfers like Arnold Palmer and Gary Player are considered image line enhancements.

While other emerging successes of the Callaway Golf product line like Fusion Fairway Woods, Wide Sole Irons, X-18 Irons, and several golf balls particularly the HX Series golf balls did garner some successes, the Big Bertha still remains the flagship for Callaway Golf. The Big Bertha Line already has several technology touches on the design feature. Phil in his 2006 Masters Victory and Annika Sorenstam who used and endorsed the Callaway Golf FT-3 Driver to several recent championship victories are the latest Fusion FT-3 Driver which won several matches already.

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