This Book Guide Can Help To Fix Golf Slice

September 12, 2009


One of the dilemmas that any amateur golfer can have is the shot that’s called “the golf slice”. Because golf slice problem is not so rare, there are many different books and other learning implements that have been developed about the many different techniques on how one can correct this mistake. The golf slice is where the ball moves and bends in the air from left to right and making the golf ball travel like this is very difficult. To do this, a player needs to learn a combination of having an open clubface and an outside to inside swing path. The incorrect swing puts side spin on the ball, causing the ball to cut violently to the side. This leads to a loss of control of the shot, as well as sometimes a loss of control of one’s temper on the course. If they have a problem like this, they need to find the best golf slice fix, so to speak.

So, how can you fix this kind or predicament? It was mentioned earlier that the swing in producing the slice is the most important part. For most golfers especially those who are already considered as professionals, what they do is they compensate their swing by aiming their body well to the left of the intended target. They are doing this hoping that the ball will slice through the air and end up swinging towards that target. But this, according to a book guide that I’ve come across that teaches how to fix golf slice the right way, says that this may well end up causing yourself even more difficulty and embarrassment on the course.

I have actually got the chance to get hold of that book which is not mine because I don’t really play golf but it is own by my friend and he is the one who has problems with his golf plays especially his golf slice. He has been using this book guide for weeks now and he has learned how to cure a golf slice on his own.

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