Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing

October 9, 2009


Watching a pro golfer hit a beautiful, straight and long drive can either be really inspirational or really frustrating. Learning how to swing the club is a vital skill for aspiring golfers of any skill level or age. Take advantage of these quick tips to help improve your swing and your entire golf game:

1) You’ll need to focus on the task without over thinking things to ensure a fluid, accurate swing.

2) Keeping your head down is very important. You need to hone your vision onto your target, which is where the golf ball is laying. Don’t look at where you’ll be hitting it and keep your head down throughout the entire swing.

3) It’s important to follow through with all of your strokes, maintaining your swing until a later point. Beginners commonly stop their motion as soon as they strike the ball, but following through will greatly increase distance and power.

4) You should work on lengthening your swing, which means keeping your arms all the way extended and operating through a full range of motion.

5) Many people don’t rotate properly while aligning their backswing. It’s important that you achieve a complete, proper and tight rotation so that you maintain accuracy and strength.

6) Of course of huge importance is the ability to transfer the energy from your body to the ball, producing a strong and lengthy drive. If you keep your weight on your back foot you won’t generate or transfer as much energy. Transfer your weight to your front foot making it easier to apply your force to your drive.

Nothing can instantly improve your golf swing besides spending a lot of time practicing. You may never be able to drive the ball 300 yards like the pros do, but you can significantly increase your driving length and accuracy with the proper tools. Follow these tips to help jumpstart your game and improve your swing.

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