Why Clone Golf Clubs Could Be The Best Thing For Your Handicap

October 4, 2009


The old saying in golf used to be you cant buy a better game. Getting proficient at golf took a lot of time, application and endless practice. Fortunately for us mere mortals, that’s no longer the case. You really can buy a more consistent game.

The average club golfer needs as much help he or she can get from their golf clubs. The shape and design of the clubheads. The playing characteristics of the shafts. The material and size of the grips. All these combine to make a golf club which is playable and produces a consistent flight.

Watch a hundred golfers swinging and you’ll probably see 100 versions of the golf swing. We all swing differently and the only club that will work for us is a club designed around OUR swings. that’s where Clone Golf Clubs come into their own.

These aren’t some cheapo fakes of Titleist or Taylormade. These aren’t clubs that hide behind a similar sounding name or copy the paint schemes off an OEM. These are quality custom golf clubs in their own right and include all the game improvement features of modern club design.

None of the big OEMs have the patent for square drivers, cavity back irons or forgiving putters. These are forgiving club designs used by all the major manufacturers, including manufacturers of quality clone golf clubs.

Some people would argue that the quality of clone golf clubs is low, that they use low quality raw materials. Well, Ive got a news flash for them. Titanium of the type used in driver heads for example is currently around $3 a kilo. that’s about five drivers worth. Why use a low grade material when for $3 you have enough Titanium to make 5 driver heads?

Some would also argue that the tolerances of the assembled clone golf clubs just isn’t high quality. Well again, here’s a quick news flash. Cast clubs come from moulds and the casting process costs the same from high or low quality moulds.

All the top Pros use expensive clubs, no question. These are not however stock, standard clubs. These are golf clubs which have been customized to suit their specifications and particular needs.

The only golf clubs that will work for your game are clubs that have been custom fit to make the most of your own swing characteristics. Your height, your swing type, your natural ball trajectory. To play your best golf consistently, you need to match your clubs to your swing, not your swing to the clubs. A high price tag doesnt enter into the equation. You’ll see more improvement by using a set of custom clone golf clubs than from spending 1000’s of dollars on a set of off-the-rack clubs.

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