why not start your own website on Golf

September 7, 2009


If Golf is your thing then why not build your own website on the topic!

Introducing the World’s FASTEST and EASIEST Custom Website Builder

If you thought that building a Golf website was difficult then think again!

Now you can create and build a complete custom Golf website with point and click and drag and drop ease in a matter of Minutes with the NEW 90 second website builder software.

There has never been a better time to get that online Golf idea up and running, and tell the world what you know.

The software requires no knowledge of html to use. In fact, it is not even an HTML editor, but an HTML generator. You don’t even have to know there is HTML involved. Just put images, text and other object on your page and your website is ready! You CAN add any existing HTML to your page using the edit page and object HTML tools.

Other traditional programs use a document (word processor) method for layout, where you can not pick up objects and drag them where you want them to go on the web page. With this new software, you can drag and drop the objects anywhere you want. Giving you full control over the layout. It even let’s you put objects on top or below other objects!

Traditional HTML editors use Dynamic Page Layout , which means that the first object on the page will also determine the position of the second object. Resizing or moving the first object will affect the layout of the page. You can not overlap objects when using Dynamic Page Layout.

The software generates a Fixed Page Layout. The objects on page have a fixed position which is not affected by other objects. This allows you to overlap objects and give you much more control over the layout of the page.

But the software can do much more than this. You can add banners, navigation bars, ready-to-use javascripts and many other things that you can’t do using a regular HTML editor.

So building your Golf website could not be easier, go on you know you can do it!

Once you have your website builder software, there is an online resource members area where you can watch step by step videos of how to set up each stage of your first website. We also provide you with some custom made editable templates so you can get started straight away,the members area is full of Internet Marketing advice including  e-books on how to get traffic to your new site and lots more!

Remember YOU are an expert on Golf if you are reading this, in that you know more than most people on the subject “Golf”

You can view an online video of this softwre in use, and see how you can build your Golf website just click the link below to get started!



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