Your Own Set-up Routine

August 20, 2009


How to golf for beginners and having your own set-up routine is important. Whether your a beginner or intermediate player you have to have your own unique set-up routine that you use to prepare yourself for every shot.

Everyone has their own perspective and outlook about golf. It is how you approach the game that will determine how good a golfer you will become. You have to prepare yourself for failure when playing golf because it will happen. It is the greatest game there is and if your willing to put in some practice and develop your own routine while your playing you can become very good at this game.

I am going to explain to you how I set-up for my shot and it should help you as well. For myself, golf is a very relaxing game. it doesn't make a difference if I shoot a great score or a bad score, I just enjoy playing. I enjoy the beutiful scenery, the smell of the fresh cut grass, but the one thing that attracts me to golf the most is the fact that this is a game that can never be mastered. You always have room to improve.

I always go to the golf coarse early enough so I have time to warm up on the practice tee. I cannot stress enough the importance of getting loose and warmed up before you start play. This is when you will start your mental preparations for play. I
have been playing golf for so long that I have my own personal set-up routine for addressing the ball. You should develop your own personal routine as well.

While on the practice tee I usually place an iron on the ground help align me with my target. This helps me when I set my feet to make sure they are placed properly. I will position myself behind the ball and visualise the shot in my head before it happens. When I am setting up for any shot, I will begin with my feet together so I can check my distance from the ball. Once that is done, I put the club face behind the ball making sure it is aligned to the target and square to the ball.

I then set my left hand first making sure it is in the proper position. If my left hand is in good position than my right hand fits right into place. I then spread my feet apart starting with my left foot first. I like to start with my left foot because it will determine where to ball is placed in my stance. This will also allow me to adjust the ball in my stance when I need too.

Once I have my feet set, I open up my left foot alittle towards the target. This will allow me to clear my hips easier since my flexibility has tightened up over the years. it is not as easy for me, at my age to turn my body through the swing.

With my set-up now finished, I am ready to deliver my swing to the ball. If everything is executed correctly the ball will go where I want it too.

Golf is all about repetition and repeating the same swing over and over. If you develop your own set-up routine this will take you one step closer to being a more consistent golfer.

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