horse racing – Horse Blinkers and the Grand National

October 22, 2009


Horse Racing Accidents

Have you ever watched the Grand National horse race and wondered why some of the runners wear blinkers, if you have stop wondering! The main reason for wearing them is to keep the horse focused on the race and limit his peripheral vision to avoid distractions. Most people can appreciate that horses without blinkers are more likely to be distracted and this is very dangerous at the fast speeds horses run during a race like the Grand National.

Blinkers go back a lot further than most people might think. They were invented by a priest who had made a bet with a pal that he could get his horse to go up the stairs of his home and although the horse did this no problem the problems started when he tried to get to come back down! The priest realised that if he covered the horses eyes he would be less afraid and would be able to be led back down – and it worked and blinkers became a useful tool for everyone working with horses.

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Western saddles can be purchased from a factory which makes many units a day, or purchased from bespoke Western saddle makers who will tailor their service to suit you. There are a great many levels of customization which can be performed in order to produce a saddle which is unique to you and perfect for you. The size should be measured so that it is not too big or too small. The material should be chosen well so that it meets your needs perfectly and the color and design can also be a unique addition to the overall style.

A lot of saddle makers may not specialize in the designs that you want. Engraving and cutting a saddle by hand is now a highly specialized art form left to a few master craftsmen and women. Producers of production-line style saddles may not be able to cater to someone who wishes to buy an individualized design.

It may be possible to buy a saddle from a factory and have it hand tooled by a professional. In this way you get the best of both worlds and can have a unique-looking saddle for a fraction of the price of a fully handmade one

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