How to Bet on Horses

March 25, 2009


Simon Skinner asked:

If you have a passion for racehorses, then you have no doubt considered betting on your favorite horse at one point of time or another. Betting on horses has been a favored pastime for a long time of many horse owners and others who are connected with racehorses. In present times, it has become very organized so that almost anyone and everyone can take part. But, before you put your money at stake, remember that betting on horses is simple yet quite complicated at the same time. Having said this, do not back out now because if you learn all the necessary details and information, you may have the winning edge over the rest.

The basic rule of betting is simple enough, winner takes all and second and third really do not count. The main thing for you to know is that there are two standard kinds of horseracing bets, namely – straight bets and exotic bets. Here in this article we give you a clear idea about straight bets and how they work.


WIN BETTING – you have to bet on one single horse, and your horse would have to finish first for you to cash your ticket.

PLACE BETTING – you place a bet on your horse to finish in the second (place) position. If your horse finishes first or second, you may cash your ticket. The payoff of such a bet would not be as much as payoffs of win betting but there are more chances of you being able to cash your ticket.

SHOW BETTING – here you place a bet on your horse to finish in the third (show) position. To be able to cash in your ticket, your horse has to finish first, second or third. The payoff would be less than place betting or win betting payoffs, however, it does offer you the feature of added security.

WIN PLACE BETTING – here you place a bet on your horse to come in first or second. If your horse finishes first, you get both payoffs – win and place. If it finishes second, then you also get the show payoff. Without a doubt, it is great should your horse win first place but even if it comes second, you would be able to get some cash out of your ticket.

ACROSS THE BOARD BETTING – Betting on a horse across the board means your horse has to either come first, second or third. Should your horse come in first, you get all three payoffs – win, place, and show. Should it come in second, you may collect two payoffs – place and show. However, should your horse come in third, you would only be able to collect the show payoff. Here even if your horse doesn’t win, you have a chance of recouping some part of your initial bet.

Exotic bets have two sub-categories – intra-race bets and multi-race bets. Intra race bets allow you wagering on multiple horses on individual races. And multi-race bets allow you to predict the winners of consecutive matches on one single ticket.

Now that you have clear idea about straight bets, why not give them a shot. Although remember that horserace betting is a game of odds therefore only invest what you are willing to lose. But even though there are equal possibilities of winning and losing, luck and the right information might just be your ticket to infinite riches. So go ahead and head out to the racetrack and get in on all the action today!

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