Odd Picks and Handicapping Explained

May 19, 2009


Simon Skinner asked:

Although it is true that betting on horses has gradually become a favorite pastime among many people but it can still get very intimidating. However once you learn the basics of horseracing, you would find that it is quite simple and easy to understand. Betting on horseracing is simple enough because you can find out the exact amount being bet on each and every horse participating in the race helping you to spot helpful trends that would aid in predicting the winners among the lot. Horse race betting is all about grabbing the right opportunities and having the ability to judge the results of a race.

Now there are two simple things that you need to know before you bet on any particular horse. It is crucial for you to understand horse racing odds and the term handicapping. Both shall help to increase the possibilities of winning and earning a good haul every time you head towards the racecourse. In this article, we try to explain both of these terms for you to better understand horse race betting and improve your chances of winning.


On the tracks, horseracing odds would be offered in two different ways depending on where is it that you look. There would be simple odds like 6/1. This would mean that you would profit six dollars for every dollar that you invest. Know that the minimum bet at every track would be at least $2, which means that your profit would be double the listed odds. Also keep in mind that when odds are presented in this manner, they have been rounded down which implies that your actual profit would be a lot more than the posted odds.

The odds are also presented as the payout on a $2 bet. These odds are posted on the big tote board, which is usually located in the middle of the track as well as in some other places depending on the track. For example, if the listed price is $14.20 then you would make that much on a $2 bet if your horse wins. However, know that the listed prices are not the profit, but they also include the two dollars that you had invested.

The main key to racing odds is the fact that they are determined by a system named pari-mutuel system, which is just some fancy term for the words, mutual betting. This implies that the odds are actually determined by the betters.


This is the ability to figure or predict which particular racehorse is going to win the race on any given day under a certain set of conditions. The factors that would help determine the winning horse and the possible results is what horse race handicapping means.

It can be called an art form; there are specific ways to handicap horses plus specific ways to handicap special breeds of horses. Without the ability to judge and predict winners, horse races would simply lose their appeal. One form of horse race handicapping would be to make the horse carry an amount that could weigh them down while they run. It is important to take all the mundane factors into consideration to predict accurately.

Now that you have a better idea about horse race odd picks and handicapping, use them to your advantage on the tracks. Wise calculated decisions would help you win in this unpredictable betting game. So, go ahead and may lady luck be on your side.

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