Which sports are most popular in America? Here are what is supposed to be the top 20!

October 12, 2009


There are some good ones here, and the top 5 are in the right places, but i am not sure about the rest, what do you think?

  1. American Football – This is by far the greatest of all the sports and the most viewed.
  2. Baseball – A sport that nobody knows how to play, unless you already know how to play it.
  3. Basketball – A very big sport in America, and not to mention the rest of the world.
  4. Hockey – It is difficult to get bored watching this, and the Americans love it for that.
  5. Golf – Really let go for everyone, many thanks to Tiger Woods for making Golf even more famous.
  6. Wrestling – This is by far one of the most skilled sports there is, even though it is staged.
  7. Tennis – This is considered by some to be very boring, but this has wormed it’s way into the hearts of many Americans.
  8. Skateboarding – America launched this sport from nothing to everything, now being taken up around the world.
  9. Surfing – Yeah man, this was were surfing really took off.
  10. Ice Skating – This is taken very seriously over the world, and in America.
  11. Boxing – This only really kicks off when there are big international fights.
  12. Soccer – Needs more work, but this sport is beginning to grow, the Americans just need a little shove.
  13. Archery – this may not be a big team game, but the Americans do very well at the World Olympics.
  14. Volleyball – Definitely, who ever thought this up knew exactly what they were doing.
  15. Cycling – A great sport, America has yet to fully embrace it.
  16. Track and Field – Americans have always produced fast and athletic runners, lately they are coming up against hard competition though.
  17. Horse Racing – A huge sport, but is it really bigger than others.
  18. Rock Climbing – This is a great sport, and fun for everyone even indoors, Alain Robert has helped things out with this.
  19. Extreme Sports – Any Sport where injury is almost 100% likely.
  20. Auto Racing – If i were to mention all of them, they would take up most of the list, but bring on Monster Truck.

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