7 Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Betting Exchange Over Bet Bookmakers:

April 28, 2009


Eric Smith asked:

Internet has the power to transform the way betting takes place. This is the reason why betting exchange has become very popular among the masses. However, there are several people, who still wish to bet on telephones and through bookmakers. These people are unaware about the advantages of betting exchanges over bookmakers.


Why Betting Exchange is better?


Mentioned below are top 7 reasons, why betting exchanges are better than bookmakers:


Free Bets: There is a lot of competition among various betting exchanges, as they offer lots of free bets. These betting exchanges offer free bets to visitors to convince them to use their services and later show loyalty.


Comparison of Odds: Numerous betting exchanges allow comparison of odds on all kinds of betting. The comparison tool of betting exchanges allows you to choose the best odds for placing bets. However, this tool is not available with the bookmakers. On betting exchanges, you may use the comparison tools for free.


Special Offers: Many betting exchange companies are becoming popular because of special offers. Special offers may include money back offers and other such attractive offers. Money back offers generally pay your money back in case your team losses a match on penalties or your horse falls in the middle of the race. Such offers are not available with bookmakers.


Other Betting Alternatives: Betting exchanges have become popular because of the advent of Internet. Betting exchanges allow all kinds of betting from sports to betting on the stock markets.


Enlarged Markets: All the bookmakers offer betting on popular markets such as football, horseracing, baseball and basketball. However, betting exchanges offer you with a wide range of bets to choose including political betting, sports betting, financial betting, novelty betting and other such betting markets.


Anywhere Accessibility: Betting exchanges offer you with the option of betting from anywhere in the world. To place bets, you need to have an Internet connection. Using online betting exchange services, you may transfer money, check the betting account and place bets. You may access these betting exchanges 24 x 7. This is not possible with bookmakers as they work till evening only.


Comfort: Betting exchanges allow you to place bets from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is to log in your betting exchange account and place your bets.

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