Discover The Special Betting Opportunity On Football Scorecast Market

May 15, 2009


Eric Smith asked:

During a football match the players sweat it out in the field, but there are also some who are sitting in the stadium or in the comfort of their homes who are more than anxious about the results and the outcome of various events on the filed. Who are these people? These people are the ones who have placed fortunes in the form of football bets and a single turn of event could make them richer or poorer by thousands. These people are the better or in plain term gamblers! 

There are various types betting formats for football matches and people put their bets on the outcome of the matches or other events related to the match. Among these formats exists a Scorecast. This football betting format allows a person to bet on the player who scores the first goal of the match and also the correct score. For instance, you can put your bet on Wayne Roonie to score the first goal on behalf of Manchester United and also predict the final goal score.     

There is a complete separate pricing for Scorecast bets. A completely new better may feel that if Wayne Roonie is placed at 9/1 top score the first goal and the 2-1 score is 15/1 then the odds are somewhere close to 135/1. This is definitely not the correct prediction of the odds because the original odds for the above would be somewhere around 70/1. Though this is a god bet but is not better for a double on both the bets.      

The dynamics of the scorer of the first goal and that of the correct score are dependent on each other. Confused? Let me give you an example to make the things more clear. If Wayne Roonie scores the first goal then it already takes Manchester United close to a win; so there won’t be a bookmaker who would place a double bet on Manchester United winning and also the correct score of 2-1. So both the correct score and win are dependent markets.


Scorecasts are regarded as a form of fun lottery games and the bookies place their bets on them because even though theoretically the payouts are low but still it is a good bet on the long run. The bookies enjoy this even more because they can make money even if the score is 0-0. The market of Scorecast pays off really well. 

The bookies even provide inducements on the bets to all the Scorecasts and this is a great thing for most of the people who love to put their bets. The Paddy Power’s money back is a very lucrative and popular program because it pays even when the correct player scores the last goal.It is advisable for all the Scorecasts to put their bets on the low scoring games that have at least a player who will surely score. Predicting the Scorecast right is easier in a 1-0 game than a 3-0 one.


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