Guide to Football Betting Tips and Free Bets

May 20, 2009


Edmond Springer asked:

Football or Soccer as its known in the United States has taken the world by storm in the last century. It’s the worlds biggest sport by far beating many other favourites such as Cricket, Rugby, Tennis and even the massive American sports including Baseball and American Football.

Like all other sports, football comes with its own gambling opportunities. As one of the UK’s favorite bookies Skybet would say it matters when theres money on it which couldn’t be any truer. If you have cash riding on the big match it certainly adds passion and excitement over the outcome. As long as its done right football betting can be pretty harmless. It is possible to get a huge payout if the underdog wins the match or even a few quid if the favourite wins. Most Football bets ride on the win, loose or draw, although in recent years numerous other markets have come to light giving punters many more markets to win money on.

However you want to bet, it is always a great idea to look online for the best picks and football tips to be in with the best chance to beat the bookies. Finding football betting tips online should be relatively easy enough. Just a quick search on the net should reveal various websites that are willing to share their knowledge with you, the punter. Another way of finding great football tips is to read the match previews either on football websites or using other offline methods such as newspapers or magazines. By studying these and reading between the lines, it is possible to uncover some football info that may help you win a bet.

A great way of making sure you always have enough money in your betting account is to sign up for the numerous free bet offers that are available for every online bookmakers. Some bookies offer you a sign up match bonus where they will match your first deposit. Some will even match your first, second and third deposits mostly up to a maximum of £200. There are very few bookmakers related to football or sports in general that will not offer you a bonus to place your bets through them.

It is easy to bet on a team just because you support them, it is another skill however to know whether that gamble will pay off or not. Always study the odds, research the teams, players and online tips and don’t spend too much of your own money when it is possible to profit from free bets that online bookmakers are happy to give you for a small deposit.

Just remember it matters when theres money on it, but always enjoy the match even if you win or lose!

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