How to Bet on Nfl and College Football

June 2, 2009


John D. Greene asked:

I have received many emails over the NFL football season usually, asking me how to place a bet on the football games, and where to find good football picks. So I decided to put together this quick and simple guide to help everyone understand how placing a bet, or buying foorball picks, works. First and foremost, make sure that betting (online and offline) is legal in your jurisdiction, before taking any action, as I have written this peace assuming that bets on football are legal where you live.




First find a good handicapper service. They must provide NFL picks, and college football. The one I would recommend since i personaly use for football picks is USS Picks. They are pretty steady hitting over 55% and have earned me over 100 units in last year (betting 1 unit 85% of bets). Beside that they offer a good deal with FREE subscription for a trial period.




Now, you will need to choose a sportsbook or a betting shop. I recommend the online exchange betting sites, recognized as the best solution. Choosing your exchange or sportsbook is very important when betting on NFL football, especially on the Internet, with so many shady operations and scammers. Go with some of exchange betting sites and you will be safe (there are many review sites that will help you). You can find one easily by putting «betting exchange» into Google.




Now that you have chosen your sportsbook, to bet on NFL football games, you have to create an account and deposit money to fund your account. Let’s say you have deposited $1000 and you want to place a bet on a football game – you have to open the list of NFL football odds and select your game.




For example, the New England and the Dalla. You will have 3 basic bet options to wager on the NFL game: money line, point spread and total. The format of those bet options appear is usually as follows: for money line (-330 +270), for total (45 u-110, o-110) and for point spread (-3, -110, +3, -110).




To see what these betting numbers mean, try and goolge them. Let’s say that you already know what these odds mean, all you have to do is select the type of bet on that l game, place the bet and then confirm the bet, if required. And that’s it.




Now you have y placed a bet on a football game and learned how to bet on the NFL football games. The process for placing a bet on college football is exactly the same.




But remember, the only thing you can do to win more consistently is to find a site offering pro football picks, whether free football picks or not.



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