How to Evaluate Horse Betting Systems

May 25, 2009


Eric Smith asked:

How to Evaluate Horse Betting Systems

It may seems impossible to make a consistent profit from the horse races, but it can be done with one of the many horse betting systems out there. Some people are making their living solely from horse betting, either online or live at the race track. If you have just started out with the races, you may be a bit perplexed by all these horse betting systems and their specific terms. This guide should help you become familiar with these systems and terms.

There are a number of handicapping guides available to help you pick your horses. Some handicappers are more successful than others, so do some research before placing money based on their recommendations. Of course, you don’t want to base your horse betting systems only on the handicappers’ recommendations. Do your own research once you get to the track to make sure there are no injuries or jockey problems to deal with. Before placing your bets, visually inspect the physical condition of the horse and look at the prior records of the jockey and trainer.

It can take novice gamblers a great deal of practice before they know exactly which factors will affect their horse betting systems. Do not get discouraged if your system does not show a profit right away. Learn what you can from your results and make adjustments in your future horse betting systems. Extensive research is always needed to determine which horse is likely to place in any particular race, so learn what factors to look for and keep practicing that analysis at the track. Take extensive notes when you are at the track or if you spot a trend in your results. It may seem like something important enough that you will remember it without notes, but this is usually not the case.

Some horse racing betting systems do work better than others for predicting the winners of a race. One common system is to simply bet the favorite in every race of the day. There are usually at least 20 horse races being run on any given day. The probability of no favorites out of 20 winning is very small, so you will generally have a safe bet. The one drawback to betting all favorites is that the payouts are usually too small to make any kind of decent profit. The odds are designed to adjust for this so that they cannot be taken advantage of by one of the favorite horse betting systems.

In addition to this strategy of betting on favorites, there are a variety of other horse betting systems out there to experiment with in your gambling. When testing out a new system, do not wager large amounts until you are comfortable with the way it works. You don’t want to make a mistake and place a large sum on the wrong horse because you were mistaken about the horse betting systems themselves. Take your time and slowly work up to your normal betting amount. Some horse betting systems can be very complicated, including strategies for straight bets, combo bets, show or place bets, reverse forecasts, daily doubles, trifecta, and even superfecta.


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