How To Take Advantage Of The Value Odds In Football Betting

May 23, 2009


Eric Smith asked:

There are a numerous options that one can avail while betting on a football match. You can take the same bet but a different price and everything depends on the market. A bet has odds associated with it and one needs to judge the odds before putting in their bet on the outcomes. Here are a few tips on how to choose the correct bets in a match.

The most famous and poplar of all the bets is the fixed the straight win bet on 1X2 market and the -0.5 Asian handicap. If you bet on both then you are betting on the same thing but at two different markets. Asian handicap has a lower margin on it, so it is most obvious to take a bet on it. It can always be a little confusing for you to find the two bets adjacent to each other on the coupon and even the prices are also different. Choose the one which offer a better or value football betting odds.

Even the goal line, total goal and unders /overs can be the same. At times you can find all these bets on he same coupon but different price quotes. It can be often seen that a 2 or more goals (on total goals) priced lower than 1.5 over the goal line; but still both are the same.  But a value odds can be found if you compare the payout.

The draw no bet is also similar to the Asian handicap of +0 and again it is better to put our money on the Asian handicap. But when you find that one of the teams is placed higher on the Asian handicap then it can result in slump in the odds. So, in this situation it is better to put your money on the draw no bet.

A +0.5 Asian handicap is the same as the +1 European handicap which in turn is the same as the bet on 1X2 market. There are times when the European handicap offers a better value. Since, this is a small market so there is a lesser chance of the prices moving. The prices do not move because there are not many punters who bet on the same.

These tips will definitely help you get a better idea about the odds and allow you to bet on the best ones. However, it is very important that you check different markets before you place your bets in order to enhance your chances of wining. Research along with a little luck is what you need to see the cash registers rolling. So, do a little research and bet prudently.  So always compare the odds with different bookmarker and take advantage on the better or value odds

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