Is Doubling Up Is The Way To Go In Winning Football Betting

May 20, 2009


Eric Smith asked:

Continue with doubling up your Football betting’s stake on odds around evens, ie odds = 2.00 and eventually come out winning has it merits and risks.Take for example of the following football betting: 

1. If Liverpool are playing at home and against their strong rival team Chelsea, and the odds appear at around at 2.00, which mean that there is an equal chance of winning and losing. If you put £1 on Liverpool to win, you are up £1, and they lose, you are £1 down  2. Come the next match, Spain is playing home against England, and the odds come around at odds 2.05 for a Home team win, then you place the stake at £2 . If Spain win , you are up and profit £1 in total, however, if Spain unable to beat England, then you are (£1 + £ 2) = £ 3 down. 3. Then the next match, you double up and place £ 4 on Arsenal to beat Liverpool at odds around 2.0, when they win, you will have a profit of £ 4, which wiping out all you losses, and give you a 10+ % profits. Otherwise you will be £ 7 down 4. You’ll finally will win if you keep doubling your stake, but you must have a sizeable amount of capitals to hold up when a long losing streak occurs. 5. You should always keep the lowest possible stake for the 1st bet, and if you win on your first week you’ve a profit of 100%, thereafter, second week 25%, third week 14% etc 6. The disadvantage is if you keep on a losing streak, you must have a sizeable amount of money to continue and all the winning may be wiping out, but one single win will break the sweat and you will see your profits  at the positive territory again. 7. If you think that the amount of starting stake as is small at £ 1 consider when you multiply and double up will become a significant amount of money. 8. Remember to cut lose if you do not have the capitals, and always bear in mind to bet on money that you are afford to lose.Enjoy the exciting football betting and the beautiful game. Happy Punter. One drawback – if you go on a losing streak your stake can keep doubling and before you know it you could be sweating it out!, and the percentage winnings get lower. However, hold your nerve and make sure you can afford to keep doubling and you will win.

Take a look through our example. Of course £1 profit doesn’t seem like a lot, but multiply up the stakes to what you can afford and you’ll be making money. Consider the percentage returns, not the absolute amounts.

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