NBA Betting Strategies- Make Full Time Money In NBA Betting With One Simple Strategy

April 25, 2009


Gabriel asked:

Making a full time money in NBA betting seems to be a little unrealistic to most people. Many just could not believe that there are people in this world who are living solely depending on sports betting, for instance NBA betting, MLB baseball betting, NFL betting or soccer betting. Most, especially your family would tell you to “stay away from gambling” because that would ruin your life. You know what, I’m totally agree with that!

No one should ever start their betting campaigns by merely depend on online betting and honestly if you’re a bettor who’ve started betting not long ago and have been experiencing a good run in your betting, becareful! It is always hard to tell if you’re winning luckily unless you’ve really studied the teams and come out with your own proven betting strategy or system.

Talking about betting strategy, NBA betting is perhaps one of the easiest money-making place to make tons of cashes. I would not tell you why here because I have covered everything in my Nba Betting Tips- Tips to Skyrocket Your Basketball Betting Winning Rate

There’s one simple but important nba betting startegy I have always used in my NBA betting.

Firstly, research and write down the winning percentage on teams that you’re interested to bet on. For instance, if the Sacramento Kings are playing the Supersonics and Kings has a .700 winning percentage while the Supersonics have a .300 winning percentage. You need to find the difference between the two winning percentages so in this example the difference is 400.

Now, you’ve taken the difference between the two teams winning percentage you need to divide the number by 20. In our example 400 divided by 20 is 20. This simply means that the Kings should be at a 20 points favourite right now. From this point you need to either add 3 or subtract 3 from the point spread of the Kings based on whether there the home team or away team. If there home you’d add 3 points which would make the Kings a 23 point favourite and if there on the road you’d subtract 3 which would make the Kings a 17 point favourite.

Once you have this spread figure out you need to look at the actual spread of the game and if there is a difference of 10 or more you’re solid. So in our example where we have the Kings as a 23 point favourite at home and a 17 point favourite on the road you’d need to do the following. If for example the Kings are the home team you’d take 23 and subtract the point spread from the number. If there is a 10 point difference the Kings are a good bet. So for our example if the point spread for the Kings is 10 you’d take 23 and take away 10 which leaves 13. This would mean the Kings are a good bet.


Mind you, this is only one of the NBA betting strategies I’ve always been referring. I used the word ‘referring’ because I don’t always depend on this to choose my picks but this strategy has been helping me a lot in NBA betting.

I’ve learnt quite a lot of NBA betting strategies and systems over the years and there are many NBA strategies and systems in the market which are NOT GOOD ENOUGH either because they pick too much in high risk betting hoping to win 1 or 2 out of 10 or because they simply don’t win enough at the end of the season as they’ve promised.

There’s only one super amazing nba betting system that has recorded me 97% winning of the time. It is something crazy but this is something I would really like to share with you because it has increased my nba betting profit for 500% since I started using it a year ago.

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