Tips for Sports Betting

April 19, 2009


David Kaplin asked:

How many activities can you think of that boast of allowing you that perfect combination of unmatched thrill and a chance to earn money? Not to mention, all this sitting at home! Thousands of people across the world have discovered the art of earning some quick money and enjoying themselves through Internet sports betting. Wondering how to be a part of all this? Well, it’s not really tough. All you have to do is log on to websites like and introduce yourself to the exciting world of Internet sports gambling.

Gambling, for such a long time has been a part of cultures across the world and has enjoyed popularity not just among the rich but also ordinary folk. How can you possibly ignore the popularity of casinos in Las Vegas, also known as the ‘mecca’ of gambling. In fact, sports gambling is nothing new and started becoming came popular way back in the mid 70’s and 80’s. It didn’t take long for sports gambling to benefit from the Internet revolution, and today there are hundreds of sites that facilitate Internet sports betting and attract thousands of visitors. Now you don’t really have to be present at a particular game to enjoy betting. Just concentrate on understanding the finer points and making money through college football betting online or online basketball gambling, or placing bets on several other games, sitting in the comfort of your home.

Several reputed Internet sports betting sites like give you more than fair chances of winning by offering you vital information like weather updates, live scoreboard, injury reports etc. Yes, professional football betting onlinejust got better!

But why sports betting?

Why go in for sports betting? Because besides the entertainment factor, there is a better chance of winning consistently. Always remember that over the long term most casino games cannot be beaten (games like poker and blackjack being exceptions). Moreover, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy online sports betting. A click of the mouse and you stand a fair chance to win. All internet sports betting requires is for you to open an account, and the same doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Moreover, there are numerous paying options.

Now that you have decided to embark on the Internet sports betting route to earn some great money, here are tips and suggestions that can really help you as a sports better.

Tips for sports betting

When it comes to Internet sports betting, winning is not just about being lucky. It is important that you learn to develop a foresight, are not brash but willing to take calculated risks and don’t get easily disappointed by defeat. You may be indulging in online basketball gambling or college football betting online for a long time now, but it is important that you develop a systematic approach and take help from various informative sites and guides easily available these days. There’s actually all you need to be a star of professional football betting online or any of the other games you place your bets on.

Always remember this

Be it college football betting online or online basketball gambling, remember that you must have a more than fair idea about the game you are placing your stakes on. For example, if you trying your luck with professional football betting online, it is important that you know the important handicapping factors you choose to place your stake on. A little research never hurts. And yes, better known sites like provide you with a lot of information like live scores, weather reports, and injury reports that can be decisive in deciding the fate of a game.

Cash management assumes significant importance when it comes sports betting. It is always better to keep the size of the bets similar. Going overboard on any one game can prove to be bad. Always avoid betting all your money on one game. Increasing your bets in order to make up for losses is not really a good idea. The same applies when you are winning. Just because you are winning does not really mean that you will win all your bets, so please don’t spend your entire bankroll on a single bet. Keep your eyes open in the true sense and learn to interpret small developments.

Know the language

In Internet sports betting, you are bound to come across certain terms, no matter which game you are playing- be it professional football betting online, online basketball betting or college football betting online. To avoid any confusion, some idea about these frequently used terms is important. Take a look at some common terms:

Action: A wager or a bet is also known as ‘action’.

Agent: The person who places a customer into a book in lieu of a commission is known as an agent.

Accumulator: This is a multiple bet in which simultaneous selections n two or more games is made with the intention of pressing the winnings of the first win on the bet of the following game selected. In order to win the accumulator, it is imperative that you win on all the selections made.

Accountant: A bookie or a bookmaker is called an accountant in slang.

Alpo: the underdog is also known as an Alpo.

Backed- A team on which a lot of bets has been place is known as backed.

Backdoor cover: This is, when a team has no real chance of winning the game outright, scores meaningless points to cover the spread.

Beef: This refers to a dispute with the bookie about the accuracy of a wager.

BR- Bankroll.

Book maker: He is the person who is licensed to accept bets on the result of an event based on their provision of odds to the customer.

Bow-Wow: An underdog is also known as a bow-wow.

Chalk: The favored team or a horse.

Cover: This refers to beating the spread by the required number of points.

Degenerate: a compulsive gambler.

Dividend: Return on any bet

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