Tips to Make Football Betting Profits on Away Wins

May 8, 2009


Eric Smith asked:

Betting on the away wins has always remained a very interesting thing for the new as well as the old punters of the football game. It is really tough to predict a win as well as make profits on the away wins. Punters around the world love to cash on the visiting teams and register high profits. But it is totally a different ballgame to learn the skills to point the value of the away teams (a very important aspect of soccer handicapping). Here are a few tips that are going o help you make good profits while betting on away teams.                                            

The advantage of home filed is one of the biggest determinant of the odds set by a bookmaker and is also an important aspect of soccer handicap. The chances of a team are represented very precisely by the lines that favor the home team.  The general results of the top team playing on the home turf are a win and it is very rare that they lose. The top teams on a home tough are the toughest to defeat and it is nearly an impossible task for the visiting team. But still there are visiting teams that defeat the home team but here the visiting teams have a huge price (6/1, 8/1 etc.). At times people even put money on the lesser known teams while still paying a huge price to access them.There are situations where it is almost clear from the very start that the home teams are going to win because the weaker teams do not possess the skill to win the game. It is very rare phenomenon to see a top team losing to a bottom team on the home turf. Now, if you wish to put your bets on the away teams then always do so on the teams that are not so great but are a solid side and when the time comes they can even upset the big teams.

There are some top teams which perform very poorly at away games and when the teams that are placed in the middle of the table have such a track record it is pretty useless to put your bets on them. Instead look for the teams that have a good track record on away games even if they do not belong to the top league. Bookmakers often ignore these teams but you can definitely do your bit of research to put your bets on them.  

So always try to look at the value of the visiting teams.

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